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Message from NOTA Chair

Sarah Brown Nota

Message from NOTA Chair I hope you are safe and and healthy at this challenging time. I am extremely pleased to report that the NOTA Wales and Northwest Branch joint training event at Liverpool John Moores University in December and a similar re-launch event in Leeds at the end of February for the Yorkshire and … Read more

Research Team at UWE

research team

Research Team at UWE NOTA members are invited to participate in a piece of research being undertaken by UWE The results of the research are planned to be presented at the NOTA Conference in September 2020. From the research team at UWE I am a University of The West of England (UWE) student working on … Read more

Using Theatre to Highlight the Importance of Working with Sexual Harm Causers to Prevent Further Victims

Theatre Crowd

Using Theatre to Highlight the Importance of Working with Sexual Harm Causers to Prevent Further Victims: A Joint Venture between Circles UK and The Geese Theatre Company – Riana Taylor What did we do? Circles UK commissioned The Geese Theatre Company to create a production which illustrated the journey of a sexual harm causer[i] from … Read more

Building Resilience in School Systems

Building Resilience in School Systems to Empower Staff to Respond Effectively to Children and Young People who Engage in Harmful Sexual Behaviour – Dr Jane Willis and Dr Jerricah Holder The Consultation Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) is a NHS specialist psychological service in West Sussex, working therapeutically with children and young people who engage … Read more

Attitudes research – Nottingham Trent University

Research Pages

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University are conducting an anonymous survey of people who work with individuals convicted of sexual offences, looking at experiences and attitudes towards this group alongside assessments of cases involving sexual crimes. This research is important as it helps us to understand the various factors that may influence our decision-making processes, and … Read more