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NOTA offers an Associate Membership rate at a discounted rate for retired members and Volunteers working within the field.

The benefit for NOTA is that interest in membership may be extended  and retained beyond retirement age for those within the field and extend NOTA membership to those who have a formalised but perhaps more transitory role in preventing sexual abuse. Associate members  will be able to access NOTA News and be eligible for discounted the places at any NOTA training event. The Journal of Sexual Aggression will not be included as a benefit for Associate Members.

Retired people from age 60 years for those persons who have worked within the field are entitled to apply. Proof of previous employment, such as a reference  from a past employer, may be sought before member ship is agreed. Volunteers or supporters who are working to prevent sexual abuse are able to apply for Associate member status if they  are  supervised by a recognised employer or agency. Agencies may include  academic institutions, Probation, Social Services, Health Trust or Authority or voluntary  group such as NSPCC, NCH Barnardos or Circles of Support and Accountability. Any person with the status of ‘Associate Member’ will be eligible to vote or to stand for any post in  a regional NOTA Branch Executive Committee or  NOTA Board.

Enquires re Associate Membership can be made to notaoffice@nota.co.uk