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NOTA Branch information and Contacts


Chair – Peter Clarke (Glebe House)
Vice Chair – Karen Parish (Glebe House)
Treasurer – Vacant
NOTANews Rep – VacantRobinson (Glebe House)
Training Rep – Andre Palmer (Kites Childrens Services)

Chair – Peter Clarke (Glebe House)
Vice Chair – Karen Parish (Glebe House)
Treasurer – Catriona Smith
NOTANews Rep – Ged Robinson (Glebe House)
Training Rep – Andre Palmer (Kites Childrens Services)


Chair: Adrian Norman – Divisional Sexual Offending Unit Manager

Committee: Jessica Cairns, Kimberly Barker

Committee Members 

North East

Chair: Josie Phillips
Josie is a registered Social Worker with many years’ experience working with and delivering training on children and families affected by trauma and abuse, particularly sexual abuse, including in the area of children and young people with problematic and harmful sexual behaviours. She has been a NOTA member for many years. She has an MSc in Child Forensic Studies from the University of Leeds, and a PhD from Durham University. Josie volunteers with COSA (Circles of Support and Accountability) Northeast, and is an Assistant Professor teaching primarily on the Master of Social Work programme at Durham University.

Contact:  josephine.phillips@durham.ac.uk

Vice-Chair: Helen Clothier

Helen is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working within the NHS. She works with mentally disordered offenders, within both secure settings and the community, delivering and developing individual and group-based interventions for mental health and risk related behaviours.  Helen has worked extensively in the assessment, treatment and risk management of a range of sexual and violent offenders and has been an active member of NOTA for a number of years. 

Contact: helen.clothier@ntw.nhs.uk


Officers without Portfolio

Roger Kennington
Roger has been a director of NOTA since 1994 and is currently chair of the Training Committee. In his day job he has specialised in sex offender work since 1991 initially with the Northumbria Probation Service’s Specialist Sex Offender Team and since 1997 in the Sexual Behaviour Unit in Newcastle undertaking assessment, treatment and training. He has co-authored two books on the assessment and management of sex offenders, an accredited programme treatment manual, the NSPCC practice guide and the NOTA Individual Treatment Resource. Contact: info@rkc.uk.com

 Tess King 

Tess is a qualified social worker, who has a background in working with children and families.  She has worked for the NSPCC since 2003, both as a practitioner and now as Team Manager, delivering providing services for children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviours.  This work has included consultation to other agencies, providing direct assessment and intervention services and delivering training.   Contact: tess.king@nspcc.org.uk

Richard Harris

Richard has been working with adult males who have sexually offended against children for a number of years as part of the Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) project. He is currently studying for a Foundation Degree in Counselling and, when qualified, aims to continue working with the same client group. Contact: rlhsoft@gmail.com 

North West

Current NOTA North West Officers:

Chair: Stephanie Kewley
Secretary: Vacant
Training: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant

Northern Ireland

Current NOTA Officers

Chair – Julie Smyth, Co-ordinator Public Protection Arrangements Northern Ireland
Treasurer – Denis Ferguson (Independent)
Secratery – Paul Stephenson (NSPCC)/Denis Ferguson (Independent)
Training – Marcella Leonard (Independent

NOTA (NI) has a growing multi-disciplinary membership comprised of practitioners, managers and policy makers from the public, private and voluntary sectors. As a result, NOTA (NI) brings a wide variety of perspectives to interventions with sexual aggressors. We would welcome expressions of interest from possible new members. 

For further Information about membership, please contact Paul Stephenson Tel: 02820 441587, Email: paul.stephenson@nspcc.org.uk

Republic of Ireland

Current NOTA (ROI) Officers: 

Chair – Eileen Finnegan
Treasurer – Eileen Finnegan
Secretary – Daragh Bailey
Training – Nivard Whelan

Mary Flaherty
Joan Cherry
Kieran McGrath
Paul Murphy
Julie McCullough
Pauline Downey
Stephen Harper


Current Scotland Branch Committee

Chair – Susan Forsyth
Vice Chair/Treasurer – Lucy Coleman
Secretary – Steven Harvey

South East

Current NOTA Officers: 

Chair – Jenny Hay email: jenny.hay@justice.gov.uk
Vice Chair/Secretary – Rod Allonby email: rod.allonby@barnardos.org.uk
Treasurer – John Baxendale email: john@wealdeninstitute.co.uk
NOTA News Rep – Vacant
Training Committee – Tania Tancred email: tania.tancred@justice.gov.uk

South West

Branch Officers and Committee Members

Chair– Jacinta Guilhermino
Secretary – Seona Angell
Treasurer/Training – Andrew Conroy & Sylvie Adler

Members – Mike Hall, Glenn Mansfield and Georgia Savva


Current NOTA Wales Officers:

Chair – Sharron Wareham
Laura Wilding
Treasurer – James Warr
Committee – Jonny Matthew, Cerys Miles, Hannah Parry, Kathryn Lawrence,  

Yorkshire and Humberside

Current NOTA Yorkshire and Humberside Officers:

Chair – Tammy Banks


Current Midlands Branch Officers

Chair – Marguerite Donathy
Secretary/Treasurer – Hannah Dawson
Training – Dan Wilcox
NOTA News – Stephen Hall
Committee – Clark Baim, Stephen Hall, Rosie Gray