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NOTA Individualised Treatment Programme – Roger Kennington

NOTA Individualised Treatment Programme: David Briggs, Stephanie Hill & Roger Kennington  It is with great pleasure the NOTA Individualised Treatment Programme is now completed and ready for launch. The Programme has been developed on behalf of the NOTA Practice and Policy Committee with support from previous and current Chairs and has been peer reviewed by … Read more


Upstream Happy People

Upstream Practical, real world solutions are crucial in preventing child sexual abuse.  Funded by the Scottish Government and developed by Stop It Now! Scotland, Upstream is the newest online resource for anyone worried about child sexual abuse. Upstream has been part of Stop It Now! Scotland since 2011 when we were funded by the Survivor … Read more

Recent Press Release and Reports

News Article

Recent Press Releases and Reports These press releases and reports have been published in the last few months. I hope they are of interest to the membership but the editorial team welcomes information from NOTA members about developments that have been missed and that should be items for inclusion in the next newsletter. Please contact … Read more

Using Theatre to Highlight the Importance of Working with Sexual Harm Causers to Prevent Further Victims

Theatre Crowd

Using Theatre to Highlight the Importance of Working with Sexual Harm Causers to Prevent Further Victims: A Joint Venture between Circles UK and The Geese Theatre Company – Riana Taylor What did we do? Circles UK commissioned The Geese Theatre Company to create a production which illustrated the journey of a sexual harm causer[i] from … Read more

Building Resilience in School Systems

Building Resilience in School Systems to Empower Staff to Respond Effectively to Children and Young People who Engage in Harmful Sexual Behaviour – Dr Jane Willis and Dr Jerricah Holder The Consultation Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) is a NHS specialist psychological service in West Sussex, working therapeutically with children and young people who engage … Read more