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Ruth Mann 
01 September 1965 – 25 April 2020

NOTA was extremely saddened to hear that Ruth Mann died recently around three years after she was first diagnosed with cancer. Ruth was an early supporter of NOTA and served on its National Executive Committee in the early 1990s. Later she was an Associate Editor of the Journal of Sexual Aggression. Ruth wrote NOTA’s first ever practice paper on Motivational Interviewing, which reflects her rehabilitative and supportive approach to working with people who had committed sexual crimes. Her championing of Motivational Interviewing was notable as it contrasted the practice trend at the time to ‘confront offenders’. Her commitment to rehabilitation was evident in her most recent role as rehabilitative culture lead for Public Sector Prisons, North, where she encouraged the transformation of prisons in adopting environments more conducive to supporting change. 

While a friend of NOTA, Ruth was constructively critical, for example encouraging NOTA to be more evidence-based. This was an approach that she adopted herself, for example, in using the evidence-base and international experts at the time to develop treatment programmes and introduce them into prisons in England and Wales in the mid 1990s. When research more recently showed the Core programme was not effective, she was critically reflective of her own and her colleagues’ practice, which she shared candidly and honestly in her last keynote presentation for ATSA in 2018. Ruth was an excellent presenter, being able to draw on a wide range of research studies and explain clearly the implications of the findings for practice and how they could be used by practitioners to develop practice. For this reason, Ruth was frequently invited to give keynote presentations at NOTA conferences, and in doing so inspired us all. She will be greatly missed.

Ruth’s family have set up a fundraising page in memory of Ruth.



Ruth Mann’s Funeral Video