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Welcome to the NOTA Byte size resource. This is a space to allow sharing of small clips offering training, tips and other insight. Contributions from NOTA’s members and supporters are showcased for the benefit of all working in the field to prevent abuse and exploitation.

The content is offered freely in the spirit of acknowledging the extraordinary times in which we are living. Please do not copy nor download the content without our express permission but links to this page can be shared without restriction.

Please see the guidance for Submissions before sending any content.

Guidance for submissions

NOTA byte size is a new initiative to enable professionals, academics, policymakers and, most importantly, all NOTA members to reach out to each other during the current crisis. These can be requests for advice/guidance; updates, discussions on new research/policy practice; committee and/or branch updates. 

These will be published every two weeks. If you are interested in producing one please contact NOTA General Manager and Kieran McCartan. By email via notaoffice@nota.co.uk

Some general advice is,

  • Each clip should be recorded on a phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Clips will be submitted preferably via WhatsApp to +44 7873 264 976 which is the NOTA office.
  • Each clip should be a max of 3 mins
  • You should speak clearly, concisely and to the point.
  • You should not use acronyms, abbreviations or short hand language.
  • You are speaking on behalf of NOTA and therefore what you say should reflect the aims, objectives and mission of NOTA.
  • You should provide a title for your clip, your name, your role/employer and role in NOTA (General member, part of a committee, branch, each).
  • The clip should start with the title, why you are talking about this issue and then the content.