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NOTA Newsletter November/December 2018 No 86

Committee reports;  Cardiff Conference Report 2017 (key note summaries, workshop write-ups, ‘two minute’ interviews and conference reflections); Key messages from NOTA AGM; Trauma and Survivor-Perpetrators; Geese Theatre turns 30; Recent Press Releases; Branch News. 

NOTA Newsletter July/August 2018 No 85

Committee reports;  Resilience, Supervision and Staff care;  Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Literature Review Executive Summary;  Pornography: Non-consensual, Vengeful, Online;  Using Proof of Concept Funding to Explore Potential Service User Needs for a Secondary Prevention Service for Un-convicted Wo/men with Self-identified Sexual Attraction to Children;  Child Sexual Exploitation – A National Threat?;  Relationships Matter: Young Survivors of CSA and CSE, their Parents, and their Practitioners Talk about Therapeutic Relationships;  From Assessment through Intervention to Moving On (The AIM Project): Working with Families and Carers of Children and Young People who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB); Recent Press Releases and Reports; Branch News.

NOTA Newsletter March/April 2018 No 84

Prevention Committee report; Disclosures about Sexual Abuse in Football; Nine breakout session reports from the 2016 Annual Conference; Leverhulme International Network – concluding update; Understanding HSB in Education Settings; Book Review; Recent Press Releases and Reports; Branch News