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I am excited to bring to you the first of a series of NOTA webinars which takes place on Tuesday 15th June at 4.pm.

Our first presenter will be Professor Kieran McCartan who will be presenting – Understanding sexual abuse prevention from EpiCrim perspective: Prevention as a community issue Presentation will be for 30-40 minutes followed by questions and a discussion.

A brief abstract: In this webinar we will discuss what EpiCrim is and how as a framing tool it can help us better understand how sexual abuse prevention is a community as well as an individual and interrelationship issue. The webinar will get the participants to think about how we can bring different communities (i.e., public and professional) together to prevent sexual abuse across all 4 levels of prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary).

Professor Kieran McCartan: (the University of the West of England, Bristol) has a track record of public, academic, and professional engagement on criminological issues, including the causes of sexual offending, and societal responses to people convicted of a sexual offence, their risk management and reintegration incorporating past trauma and developmental criminology. Professor McCartan believes that sexual offending is a multidisciplinary issue that incorporates health, public health, psychological and societal factors.

Professor McCartan is the international representative on the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers board, the Conference Chair of National Organisation for the Treatment of Abuse, a member of the Confederation of European Probation working group on sexual offenses, a member of the ethics committee of Bravehearts and has advised the Council of Europe, New Zealand Police, Braveheart’s as well as Department of the Prime Minister and cabinet, Australia.

If you missed this Live Event you can watch the recording here