Members and Guests are invited to a range of training giving insight to best practice and contemporary research findings. Training is delivered using the Zoom online platform and delegates are given access to a webpage where they can access and review the training materials and session record. Delegates can be provided with certificates of attendance in order to support CPD requirements.

Thursday APRIL 29th 2021 - 9.30am - 12.00pm

Understanding children under 12 years old with harmful sexual behaviours

Carol Carson is an independent social work consultant working in safeguarding children for over 30 years and for 25 years, she has also specialised in assessing and working with children and adolescents with harmful sexual behaviours (HSB);

Friday May 14th 2021 - 9.30am - 12.30pm

Introduction to Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Karen Martin has worked in Youth Justice for 16 years and has developed and now manages the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Service in Suffolk working closely with Children and Young People’s and Youth Justice Services. She has previous experience of working with Harmful Sexual Behaviour in both residential settings and in the community as well as working with adult sexual offenders in a custodial setting. She has 19 years’ experience in the field of HSB and has an interest in the supervision of HSB practice and is currently completing an MSc Forensic Psychology and Crime. Karen also works independently as a trainer and consultant in all areas of child sexual abuse and is an associate of the AIM Project delivering AIM3 Assessment Model training and she leads on the AIM Supervising HSB Practice course


The 2021 Conference is being offered as an online Zoom event

The 2021 Conference is being offered as an online even and will consist of a series of Keynote presentations at 10.30am and 1.30pm.