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Policy & Practice

The Policy and Practice papers are currently under active review.  Prior to a planned relaunch.

We would value any comments from Members and Supporters in the interim to notaoffice@nota.co.uk

Peter Clarke is the chair of the Policy and Practice Sub-Committee

The Policy and Practice Sub-Committee helps develop policy and good practice within the organisation and in the wider professional community. In fulfilling this overall objective, the Sub-Committee:

Assists in the development of NOTA policy, including drafting policy documents relating to key aspects of sex offender work; Promotes ‘good practice’ both within the organisation and externally.

Assists NOTA in positively influencing the wider policy response to sex offenders. This includes the formulation of formal responses to proposed government legislation, guidance and consultation papers, etc

NOTA Policy Principles

Current Papers to download:

Response to the Online Harms White Paper from NOTA (2021)

Children and Young People With Harmful Sexual Behaviour Definitions – Libby Ashurst (2015)

Situational Crime Prevention – Paper prepared for NOTA Policy Committee by Professor Stephen Smallbone (2013)

NOTA Medication paper (2021)

NOTA Polygraph paper (2021)

NOTA Assessment of Children and Young People displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour (2014)

NOTA Assessment, Treatment and Management of Sexual Offenders with Personality Disorders paper (2013) 

Schmucker – Effectiveness of treatment (2021)