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Savile Historic Child Abuse Resource

Since the death of Jimmy Savile in 2011 there has been an unprecedented focus on historical sexual abuse in organisations, institutions and other settings and on the response of authorities to allegations and concerns.
As a result a series of reviews and major enquires have been established into the police, Home Office, a range of hospitals, schools, and the BBC.

An overarching “ Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has also been established, albeit with a rather troubled route to finding a Chair. 

On this site NOTA is pleased to provide a monthly updated ’timeline’ of significant events post-Savile, Operation Yewtree and related events. In addition summaries of key reports are summarised here and available as downloads, as well as being published in NOTA News. Some of these summaries have already been published in NOTANews others will appear in forthcoming issues. 

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